Creative Direction

Project focused on creating a same format and budget friendly collection of zines. It deals with many different subjects such as short story, comic, essay, instructions manual, creative process, etc. The purpose is to create an agile way to publish contents that can generate networks and synergies between Pupa Press’ contributors and readers. Design limitations, such as printing in black and white and color coding, are used to create a solid visual appearance, and an easy and affordable process of printing. In addition, some special issues make use of augmented reality to improve and expand the understanding of its contents. As an example of this, the 14th issue showcases video stills from Thai videoartist Kawita Vatanajyankur, that can be scanned and animated by using Aurasma’s app on supported devices.

The binding is done with loop stitches, making the publication collectable. In the future, the aim is to create curated binders tracing different content lines which would portray generations, topics, locations or perspectives.

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