CME Visual Identity

Visual Identity design

“Cartografía de la movilización estudiantil” (CME: Cartography of educational protests) is a documental project that showcases on a map, all events happened during 2011 Chile’s upper education protests in Santiago. This map translates analogue processes into a database of happenings, public performances, demonstrations and occupation of public buildings. The design of their new graphic identity had to be flexible yet expressive and non-neutral, since they represent the voice of revolutionary collectives, but also had the need to deal with academic and political bureaucrats.

The visual system proposed is modular, having a representative approach of different elements that form the whole project: textures from school materials, analogue-to-digital translations, group organisation strokes, by using textures, handmade strokes and skeumorphist graphics. The most important concept assessed was “vigencia” (spanish term that refers to contemporaneity and validity at the same time), that is taken into account by the typographic voice, using a vernacular/square-serif typeface for major communications of the project. The outcome of this project is a chameleon-like identity that shapeshifts itself on different situations, and can decide what of its inner voices to use, to fit those of their audience.

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