Commission for “Festival du patrimoine immaterial” – Tours (France)

Cosmographies is a collection of illustrations made for a solo exhibition part of Immaterial Heritage Festival, that took place in Tours (France) in 2011. The project deals with graphic representation of urban spaces, paraphrasing medieval techniques such a narrative and story leaded visual hierarchy.

The art of personal mapmaking performed by monks in the Middle Ages reflected “their vision” of the world. The first stage of these medieval cartographic representations was characterized by the use of religious symbols. Since commercial expansions took place, monks began to make more pictorial expressions of the cities’ shapes, prioritizing highly detailed circumstances and stories over accurate metric diagrams.

This analog map could be used for guiding acquaintances, and it contributes to the understanding of the underlying self-opinion of each lived place.

As seen on A map of the world, by Gestalten

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