Expanding The Field of Architectural Publishing

MA GMD – London College of Communication
~Work in Progress~

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What is the role of Speculative Graphic Design in the expanded field of architectural publishing?

This project aims to achieve an ontological shift in the discipline by the investigation of overlooked practices as well as the design of speculative ones that can broaden the general understanding of what an architectural publication is.

Speculative graphic design is able to provide agile prognosis of what the unseen/unexpected practices of architectural publishing could be. This mode of practice enables new significations and contexts of the subject matter, but also foresees new tools to operate within architectural publishing. It also enables new ways of understanding provocative notions such as reality engineering from Federico Campagna.

Traditionally, the realm of architectural theory, along with its publishing, have been isolated from the discourse of adjacent and transversal disciplines. This has resulted in texts that only serve as practical feedback for architecture professionals (Traganou, 2009). Widening the reach of what is relevant to architectural theory, and opening the field to other professionals, can lead to an expansion of the subject matter of architectural publishing.

Concurrently, the expansion of the discourse implies one of the contexts where architectural publications might take place, and what we understand as a publication. It is essential to this research Matthew Stadler’s notion of publication, where he proposes a shift from the business model to the social construction. With this co-creative way of understanding publishing, Expanding the Field of Architectural Publishing (EF—AP) proposes a collaborative platform that serves both as a thought provocation, and as a record of different events, publications and experiments undertaken alongside the research process. The approach to the creation of knowledge is thus dialogic, avoiding a strict definition of the boundaries of the expanded field, opening the subject of study to other researchers and other research projects.

At the current stage, the project is focused in developing a series of speculative experiments to test the realms in which expanded understandings of the architectural publication can take place, and how graphic design positions itself in such an endeavor. Simultaneously, the archival practices involved in documenting the whole process are shown here as a collection of architectural events understood as forms of publication and an ever-growing critical reader on the subject.

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