Urban Planning
UX/UI Design

Team: Lydia Blasco & Carlos Romo

Hyperkobling is a project of digital urban planning shortlisted in Europan 13 Norway competition. It proposes a hybridation of architectural and design techniques, to create a participatory platform that can act as a guide to develop future changes on the city of Ørsta.

The project has four major aspects: creating participatory and adaptable interventions, designing an adaptable refurbishment of the city center, improving suburban mobility and encouraging citizens to create their urban identity.

All actions on the city center of Ørsta would be reversible and adaptable to wealthier scenarios in which further refurbishments can be accomplished. A multiple and diverse target strategy is proposed, to strengthen the main road and to optimize the public investment. Territorial and punctual spots of action are here combined to avoid weakening of project’s potentials derived from long construction processes in large infrastructures.

The whole process is monitored by citizens and administration through an App called KOBLING. The major purpose of this application is to enhance the use of the city by giving better access to real time information. Some actions that comprises are: clothing and transport mean recommendations, ridesharing community creation and public infrastuctures improvement, among others.

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