Art direction (2013 – 2015)
Editorial Design

Malamag is a fashion oriented visual magazine by Schkolnick Studio. Each issue is focused on a specific topic illustrated by visual, audiovisual and written contents created by different contributors.

The aim of the studio was to have a collectable product under the shape of a book-magazine. Each issue’s concept or theme was backed by a striking spot color present through the magazine’s layout. Its editorial design displays contents on a light and spacious style, that encourages a relaxed reading process, as well as a prominent use of the photographic image.

Team: Xaviera Lechner(Editor issues 1-2), Nancy Castillo (Editor issues 3-8), La Factoría (Content Editor), Daniela Saldaña (Graphic Production), René Paz (Journalist), Gabriel Schkolnick (Photographer), Claudio Robles (Photographer), Álvaro Puentes (Photographer), Anton Briansó (Photographer), Matías Montecinos (Audiovisuals).

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