Creative Direction
Web + UX Design

Pupa Press digital graphic design is made of two parts:
The main objective of the website was to clearly explain differences between all categories of printed matter that were being sold at the online store. Explaining the difference between a zine and a magazine has been a major challenge, since they are not common in the Chilean market.
Core concepts from Pupa Press’ graphic identity are also highlighted in web design: use of bold colours, restricted quality images that translate some kind of analogue editorial production (gifs shown below), and the typographic language.

The visual language of Pupa Press’ social media expands the imaginary of its editorial and brand design. Frames, typographic language, colors function as anchors to Pupa Press identity, but videos and visuals enhance the concept of analogue production. Pupa Press has a playful, sarcastic yet postmodern voice, that is completed with vintage videos, lo-fi visuals, and commercial techniques such as infomercials or radio advertising.

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