Recamier Fanzine
Editor, editorial design
2012 – 2013

Recamier is a fanzine that features interviews to professionals on their creative processes.

The main challenge was designing a format that was compact, easy-deliverable, cost-efficient and weather-resistant. The decision of using a thermal printing for its production, led to a research process on augmented reality software in order to improve the visual experience of the different contents.

The publication was freely distributed, attached to street furniture or sneaked in magazines that featured similar contents to each issue’s interviewee.

All the distribution occurred near areas of interest such as art galleries, design schools, cinemas and other cultural “hot-spots”. These were mapped and published to social media, so that followers could guide themselves to get a copy.

Recamier’s format could shapeshift in multiple ways to follow the contents needs, without changing the main materials of the project. For example, the helicoidal issue made for Paris streets, or the multi folded issue that contained a collection of short films that was guerrilla-sneaked into Cahiers du cinema magazine.

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