Stripping the Sugar Coating

Critical Reader in collaboration with Aldo Caprini and Zack Wellin

Stripping the Sugar Coating proposes a non-exhaustive selection of texts that invite to reflect on the power through images. The approach to knowledge is dialogic, avoiding a singular narrative around the topic. The argument is constructed from very different approaches, encouraging a divergent understanding of the subject matter.

This dialogic approach required a careful level of intervention on the original sources, translating the original communication devices into the final publication. Thus, the more conceptual or abstract texts were reframed into the final publication through scans of the original books. Concurrently, the practice-based texts required a clearer communication of the examples, rather than their textual descriptions, and the images of those projects were prioritized.

Stripping the Sugar Coating shows a critical position responding to the making of theoretical anthologies, that usually oversimplify the sources in order to provide a clear and simple narrative. The publication reflects on the complexity of non-textual communication devices in editorial design and the difficulties that arise when segregating contents between operative categories, such as theory and practice.

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