“Hybrids for Tetuán north ledge regeneration” is a complex project that works with interconnections between different professional identities. The project aims to renew the ledge of Tetuán (centrally located in Madrid, demoted and targeted by property speculation, extreme social, cultural and urban complexity), by rethinking the definition of what is a large scale infrastructure project.

Architectural-wise, the project consists of a catalogue of prototypes that could be CNC-milled and 3D printed. Those prototypes could hold different programs and uses, that could be decided through a participatory politics platform, involving the community on the development of a large scale project. In addition, the context in which this project is designed is the Spanish economic crisis, and considers large scale also as a long process in time. This kind of timespan involves changes on the community’s needs and aims, and the project focuses on its adaptability to respond to such situation.

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